You,who are coming to us for service requirements,once you have filled out and submit the relevant forms completely and accurately ,we will be bound to fulfill your service requirements during the following periods.

Administrative Division
1. Signing of document files including the resident certificates  04 Minutes
Accounts Division
1. Making a salary payment to Widows '& Orphans' Pension 01 Day
2.Issuing vehicle revenue licenses  05 Minutes
Land Division
1.Land disposal  03 Weeks
2.Naming succession  01 Weeks
3.Naming the original Posession  10 Days
4.naming Life possesion  02 Weeks
Keeping to the bank bail  01 Month
Social Development Division
1.Issue of revenue certificates  10 Minutes
2.Issuing Animal Transportation Licenses  01 Hour
3.Issuing identity cards for 70 year olds  30 Minutes
4.Issuance of Public Aids/ Disability Aids (If any Provisions exist)  01 Week
5.Request for housing Aids when natural disasters happen(If any Provisions exist)  02 Weeks
6.presidential Funding  03 Days
7.Recommendation of Mahapola Scholarships & bursaries  10 Minutes
8.Registration of Voluntary Societies  01 Week
9.Business Name Registration    08 Days
10.Revision of business names  06 days
Identity card Division
1.Issue of a National Identity Card
     a. One Day Service  10 Minutes
     b.General Service  01 Day
Registrar Division  
1.Issuing Birth / Marriage / Death Certificates
     a. When the certificate number exists  05 Minutes
     b.When there is the date without the certificate number  01 Hour
     c. When there is no certificate number and the date  03 Days
2. To change the name of a birth certificate  02 Weeks
3.Registration of births / deaths of estates  02 Days
4.Registration of past births and deaths  02 Weeks
5.Amendment of father's information in birth certificate under sentence b  01 Month
6.Amending the information of mother in a birth certificate under Sentence 2 (1)  01 Month
7.Registration of Marriages  01 Hour
Samurdhi Division
1.Release of samurdhi compulsory saving money (Bank of Ceylon)  03 Days
2.Paying Samurdhi Social Security Benefits.  04 days

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